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Kyle Phillips is a Minneapolis-based interaction designer and developer actively working on installation and web experiences. This portfolio represents Kyle's selected works in the fields of interactive, web, and print design.

  • The Voice of ____

    Official content for the 2012 Presidential Debates

  • adiZero

    Adidas Light You Up campaign

  • KVS Studio

    Studio focused on interactive visualization

  • What You Pay For

    A visualization of Americas tax system

  • Coelenterata Bulbs

    4-poster generative art series

  • Adobe Wall

    an interactive mural installed in NYC\'s Union Square

  • Geographical Data Viewer

    HTML5 3D geo-data visualization for the web

  • Colle + McVoy Responsive Signage

    interactive signage for Colle + McVoy lobby

  • What Matters Most

    a custom multi-touch news aggregate

  • Squawq

    Brand analytics for Twitter

  • Coke Singage

    Media design for an exhibition booth

  • Rhea Pappas Photographer

    Website and presentation tool for Rhea Pappas.

  • Snowdin

    a winter retreat, anaglyph 3d website

  • Dynamic Expressionism

    A performance embracing technology as an expressive tool


    An Online Experience

  • MCAD Compositional Engine

    An artwork generator for a flexible identity system

  • Plastics & Intangibles

    A Top 10 List Exploring Analog and Digital Formats

  • MCAD Billboard

    Dynamically Generated Billboard

  • Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards @ MCAD

    Ceremonial Presentation

  • Person and Place

    An installation exploring embodiment and inhabitants

  • Active Mic

    A sound visualizer and performance